2016 is time for a happier planet and a healthier self. We are currently looking for community and industry support. The time is now if we are going to save the rainforests from permanent destruction and this generation of children from unnecessary illness. 2016 is time to say no to junk food, so eat more fruit and vegetables because it really is good for you and good for the planet!

2016 is also time for unmedicated to venture into new frontiers. We are currently developing our first television series. So stay tuned…

Donna has been conducting extensive research for her next film, a black comedy set in Australia and is heading to Sydney in September 2015 for a conference on feminism reflecting on Anne Summers’ book Damned Whores and God’s Police and is hoping to find the major issue of the lack of women behind the camera addressed.

In 2012 she completed her short documentary on female film directors, Woman with a Movie Camera, featured on prestigious film industry blog Indiewire.

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